Where there is matter,
there is geometry.

– Johannes Kepler

photo: Saturn Polar Hexagon


Sankakkei – seeds of life

Sankakkei is a three dimensional puzzle, a customizable art gift, a scientific learning model, or use the seeds and rods to create your own designs.

Sankakkei is Japanese for triangle, the fundamental form of the puzzles and our cosmos in general. You can rebuild the Sankakkei three dimensional fractal puzzle and learn more about the geometric forms and ratios based on sacred geometry, the same ratios and forms we find everywhere in life.

I designed the packaging in line with the geometry of the product, and translated the three dimensional model into a two dimensional graphic. The colors of the package are identical to the colors of the contents. The package designs are still prototypes, but I aim to create a stylized packaging to complete Sankakkei into an inspiring product/gift to share with others.



Sacred Geometry in Nature and Life