Sacred Geometry in Nature and Life


Sanmiittai is a customizable designer construction product which enables you to create your own product design – eg. a lampshade or a fruitbowl or mathematical art sculpture – with the same pieces. It’s the new LEGO for design products.

Sanmiittai is still in development. My concept is to create all possible building stones, so you are free to create any 3D design with these specific (harmonic) geometric structures.

The structure of a product design (such as eg. a lampshade or a fruit bowl) given by the Sanmiittai building stones have a real natural beauty in its perfect simplicity and due to its customizable nature makes this a beautiful and inspiring gift.

So far I created the building stones for two (sacred) geometric designs, the Star Tetrahedron (expansion) and the Vector Equilibrium (contraction), which form the basis of Sanmiittai.