Sankakkei retail packaging design and Cosmic color series

SANKAKKEI – seeds of life


…a geometry, a design, that exists throughout all of the aspects of our daily lives. A construct that is the root to everything in our Universe.

Like a key, or blueprint, that fits on everything that exists.

On the way trees grow. The way ripples form in a pond. The way sound looks like in 3D. Why we have a musical scale of 8. Why we have 8 colors.

The way atoms and molecules form. The way planets order around the stars and the relation between their relative size and distance.

Leonardo DaVinci studied it Pythagoras and Plato wrote about it. But its origins are even older than mankinds present day knowledge.

It penetrates and connects all things in life It unifies different studies, and now scientist are starting to rediscover this simple, but perfect, ancient knowledge.

Sankakkei is a three dimensional puzzle, a customizable art gift, a scientific learning model, or use the seeds and rods to create your own designs.

Sankakkei is the Japanese word for Triangle. With Sankakkei puzzles you can build amazing three dimensional geometric models, and learn in a simple and playful manner more about the basic geometries that form our everyday reality.

Some of the most important geniuses of mankind were seduced by their perfection and purity. From mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, or philosophers, as Aristotle and Plato, to artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Escher and Dali. Beyond the borders of mathematics, they are present in Art, life and nature.