Creative Outline

Art and design inspired by the fundamental principles of the Universe.

I use the fundamental patterns, structures, forms and numeric sequences of the universe and life itself to create fractal designs infused with sacred geometry, to inspire others and share the beauty.

Sacred geometry has nothing to do with religion in particular, but it’s called sacred, because it’s a kind of geometry which is universal. It’s as old as we know, Pythagoras and Plato have written about it, Leonardo da Vinci and Fibonacci studied it and Beethoven and Mozart used it in their music. It penetrates and connects all things in life.

Sacred geometry is the basis and essence of life itself – like a blueprint for everything (of all creation). It unifies every field of interest, and not only the different fields whithin a given field, which normally contradict eachother, e.g. in science: the micro and the macro, from atom to planet, where the laws for our inner cosmos don’t apply to our outer cosmos. But also every other aspect of life, from geography to music, spirituality, religion, biology and even psychology.

For me, I just really like the visual side of it.. and since it connects and penetrates all things in life (and has a real natural beauty in its perfect simplicity). I’m looking for ways to integrate / unify it with my designs and artwork.

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